Been lacking with updating this blog, my bad.

I don’t have many followers as other MLBloggers have and I bet I know why. I don’t post on this blog much, I should change that I suppose. I’ll post all the pics I took at the 2014 Rockies fest for those who aren’t following me on facebook in my next post.

Latest Editions (part 1): Jayson Nix New York Yankees Name plate


Wish the Rockies never traded Jayson, I liked him very much.
Got this at the game used Kiosk inside the stadium. paid $50 bucks for it, was gonna wait but who knows if it’d still be there the next time I go to a game.

Rockies baseball and Bon Jovi concert #5 in April!

ImageThis year marks the 20th Anniversary for the Colorado Rockies and as ironic as it is, It’s my 15th season working for the Rockies. I’m excited as ever and yes I’m going to some of the games this year…..but not when there’s T-shirt giveaways, if the shirts are gonna be XL’s then forget that, the XL shirts I have from last year are getting a bit snug on me after washing them in cold water so I’m just gonna go the games they give out the bobble heads.

ImageYep. I won’t be at the April 16th Rockies game because I’ll be at my 5th Bon Jovi concert! I’ll get as many pix as I can from the concert and post them on my facebook.

A box full of Rockies stuff & suprise Yankees greats Pix

Danny, our neighbor from across the street was cleaning out his garage, he knew I was a Rockies fan so he gave me a box of his Rockies stuff, here’s what was inside.


I’m not just a Rockies fan, I’m also a Cubs & Yankees fan —but my heart and soul belongs to the Rockies— I just about fainted when I saw those Yankees photos, I’ve never got a chance to collect anything Yankees from that era, now I have at least one thing.