Can’t wait to see Giambi

If you haven’t heard the Rox signed former A’s/Yankees/A’s player Jason Giambi to a minor league and there was talk about adding Giambi to the expanded roster in Sept but Tracy ain’t spilling the beans on that; speaking of former AL players, the dodgers traded for Jim Thome (from the White Sox) & D’backs pitcher Jon Garland to their team; AND the Giants signed BRAD PENNY to their pen. OYIE!

Event Services had their staff photos taken last month but I haven’t gotten my photo yet, probably get it during this 10 game homestand, and there isn’t going to be a warehouse sale for us in Sept because the guy who does it told Dave (Gate D Media Gate guard) that if he did have it in Sept and we end up going to the playoffs he wouldn’t have anything more to sell. That’s good for me because I wouldn’t be able to buy anything anyways, I have to conserve my money as of this week; with my mom in the hospital for probably a week or two after having hip replacement surgery she’ll be on bed rest once she comes home, that means my Sister’ll have to cook for us while I pay the bills; ‘course Donnie’ll chip in and pay whatever bills he can pay w/his disability checks he gets from the VA, as for my sister paying bills… that’s up in the air as of now, she was paying for the milk & water bill but w/Ex-fiance Terry (#1) not paying for child support she “can’t” pay for anything –but yet she was able to buy a new truck & junk Seth & Devin do not need (more toys), go figure!– now she has a new b/f named Terry who’s supposedly going to help out; um, yeah, right. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Weather or not Stacey & Terry (#2) helps out things are still going to be tougher after Baseball season is over with, I’ll be stuck with a shyty job working 1 day (possibly 2 days) a week at Wendy’s for 3 hours & that’s so not good on the pay check. I just hope I can get my S.S.I. re-approved after Thurs Sept 17th that’s when I go to court to get it re-approved after they rejected me because according to them “I could still get a job,” that’s the dumbest excuse/reason to reject someone who’s 70 to 80% mentally challenged (& has the papers to prove it). Yeah, I can get a job but how the heck am I supposed to support myself FINANCIALLY?! Rockies & Wendy’s checks aren’t enough; with the money I get from S.S.I. I’d be able to pay mom rent money as well as bills and save money so I could go to a community collage and major in photography or something else I like and use whatever money left over as spending money. I was only on the program for 3 weeks when they cut me off last year.



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