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Blog of the Week!

I’m still in shock after reading the Ranter’s blog when he picked me to be the first person for The Ranter’s Blog of the Week! that’s better then winning an Oscar “Best Actress” for a movie! IMO.

A lil about me
I’ve been a fan of the Colorado Rockies since 1993 and will always be a loyal & very devoted fan of the boys for eternity even to the day I die, I’ll be up in heaven looking down at Coors Field & the Rockies watching them play through thick & thin, win or lose the Rockies are and will always be my #1 favorite team of all time!

During the summer I work for Event Services LLC. We work with the Colorado Rockies Baseball Team, we’re the security peeps you see dressed in purple (shirt) & khaki (pants) that you see on the field, ushering in the aisles, take tickets/check bags at the gates, claim check items that aren’t allowed inside the ballpark and also assist fans with help around the ballpark, our goal is to make the fans happy, We’re here for them. For me it’s an honor & a privilege to be working for the Rockies, I end up feeling envy for myself because I go into areas of Coors Field no fans could go into unless they were on those Tours of Coors Field or won the batboy/batgirl sweepstakes or Comfort Dental’s junior Rockie contest. We also get 15% off at all Rockies Dugout Stores (Minus the Diamond Dry Good store located inside Coors Field by Gate C) as well as autographs from Rockies players down at the sign in entrance a week before the final homestand and have end of the season staff party where they (the Supervisors) raffle off some awesome Rockies memorbillia (Signed replica All Star plaques, tickets to next years Spring Training & Fantasy Baseball & other Rockies memorbillia).

Before working for the Rockies I’ve gone to countless # of Rockies games since 1993, I still go but not as often or alot as I like to these days – specially now that I work for the Rockies I debate on weather to go to the game as a fan or work the game. I’ve been to a lot of memorable games; complete game/200th game team win, first Inter-league game, first Rockies road game in Pittsburgh & more but the games I’ll never forget are in 1995 when the Rox won the Wild Card spot (I sat in the Rockplie with a neon pink sign that read “All our Rockies are All Stars”) & of course the amazing ride in 2007 as the Rockies streaked their way into their own history books; winning 21 of 22 games all the way to their first ever World Series in team history (I attended the game in which Todd Helton hit his career 300th Home Run, I was in Right Field, Todd’s HR ball went past me to the 3rd row) I wasn’t in the stands during games 3 & 4 of the World Series or the NLDS/NLCS but I was there so it still counts as being there.

I’ll be adding my Rockies memorbillia to Rockpile of Memories (New name for my photo blog) next so check it out.