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Latest Editions (part 1): Jayson Nix New York Yankees Name plate


Wish the Rockies never traded Jayson, I liked him very much.
Got this at the game used Kiosk inside the stadium. paid $50 bucks for it, was gonna wait but who knows if it’d still be there the next time I go to a game.


Latest Editions (part 2): 2013 Colorado Rockies Military pro-back Cap


bought this at the Rockies dugout store. They’re selling them for $37.62 or something but I got it for $30 bucks with my Event Services discount.

Sad news for Rocky Mountain News readers

This may not seem like baseball related news but it is for the Colorado Rockies; they’ll have to look for a new newspaper sponsor. As of today Fri Feb 27, 2009 the Rocky Mountain News is no more.

Rocky Mountain News

April 23, 1859 – February 27, 2009


I’m too broken up & crying at the moment to think. One thing I know is walking into Coors Field & not seeing the Rocky Mountain News Kiosk will be a strange sight to see, IDK if I’ll ever get used to that? either way I got plenty of keepsakes to remind me of the Rocky, pasted in my scrapbook & also kept in a cubbie in my entertainment center but still it’s gonna be strange.