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YAY Rox win

 had a busy 4 days off with working at Wendy’s & also going out to see movies then Dave & Busters with a group of folks from “Special People, Special Places” I was so dead tired last night that when I got home I went to bed and I didn’t get up until 12PM today lol. Anywhoo, in those 4 days the Rockies finally snapped their winless streak Fri by beating the padres 13 to 11 (although they lost to Vinny Castillia’s team from Mexico in Thurs exhibition game but whatever) I bloged about it in my blog report on MLBlogging.com.

Fri I got my Rockies schedule & badge in the mail from Event Services, I’m soooooooooo Psychic! RoxStuff34.JPG although I wish they’d quit putting my real name on my badge, I like my nickname Missy better, not my real name (Melissa) I’ll have to ask Brian if he could change that when I see him for staff training in April. I saw “Watchmen” & “Taken”, didn’t care for either movie, I did see the 3rd trailer for the new Star Trek movie, man I wish I could go see that movie when it opens; IDK if I’ll beable to see it unless I get up extremely early & take the 128 to Flatirons to the AMC Theaters there & hope to be back before 4PM (I gotta be at Coors Field before 5PM).

Looking over my Rockies work schedule is pretty strange seeing these report times although IDK what time they’ll open the gates this year w/the new game start times; some games have me report in at 11AM/11:30AM to 12PM, 5PM to 10:30AM & 6PM — thing is I may end up taking the bus to some of these games so I’ll end up getting there hours earlier or so,
DSCN2075.JPG I wouldn’t mind that though cuzz then I’d bring my 10yr bat & 2007 Event Services Yearbook for some of the players to sign.

I hope the Rox can carry on this winning streak into April & through out the ’09 season