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Latest Editions (part 1): Jayson Nix New York Yankees Name plate


Wish the Rockies never traded Jayson, I liked him very much.
Got this at the game used Kiosk inside the stadium. paid $50 bucks for it, was gonna wait but who knows if it’d still be there the next time I go to a game.


Street’s still da man!

Huston Street blown both saves on Sun & Mon night –specially Monday’s game– but he’s human; he ain’t no Superman folks and I’ve seen bad things happen when it comes to Rockies (remember Brian Fuentes?) I was upset at the outcome of both games like everyone else (minus the booing) but so what? it’s just a game & I still say Huston Street’s the best closer we ever had since 1993 – 1998 when Curtis Leskanic was it. Huston’s better then Fuentes & Morales, yeah Franklin had his moments of glory this year while Huston was on the DL then he went to crap (ala Fuentes) whenever Tracy brings Morales in instead of Street I just moan/cringe and hope to god he has a 1-2-3 inning.

What saddens Me was hearing all the boo’s for Huston, very sad, I would never boo any Rockie weather they made a bad judgement call running the bases/missing fly balls/pop-ups or just blowing a save; that’s just not me at all — I’d boo those dang umpires for those bad calls in both games. If I could I would’ve just given him a big bear hug and said “Thank you, at least you tried.” Other then that 2009 has been a more memorable season then 2008 was, lets hope 2010 is even better.

During the playoffs the only team I’ll be rooting for are the Bronx Bombers (aka YANKEES!) The Yankees are my lone favorite AL team and it’s way past time they won a World Series in their new stadium.

One last thing: