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So close I can smell them Rocky dogs cookin


Rockies Home Opener is 1 day away I’m alllllllllllllll ready for it!!!!!!!!

According to Kathy Sabine from 9News, the home opener is going to be nice ‘n sunny, it’s the weekend in which there are chances of showers so that’s good. I wish I had an iPhone or a blackberry so I can send tweets on the action while I’m sitting at the Waze gate reading my book & listening to the game *sighs* oh well. 

I don’t get Firefox, it was working fine when I posted/reply at the PurpleRow.com but now after updating it to the latest verison it won’t let me post, nor could I continue uploading pix to my photo blog so I had to d/l Flock (nice site, btw) it works up until tonight. I couldn’t upload the forcast pic to this blog cuzz I couldn’t see the “Cancel”/”Continue” buttons on the image pop-up thing, luckily I had a 3rd choice — besides IE — I have Safari now & I’ve never used it at all, since I got my iShuffle I declined adding Safari to it until the last week of March I decided to add Safari to it (give it a shot) it’s a cool site.
I like it, it reminds me of iTunes. Speaking of which, does anyone know how to fix a problem a computer/iTunes problem? ever since I updated to iTunes 8.1 it doesn’t let me listen to my iShuffle nor dose it charge my iShuffle although it probably does I just can’t tell because the light blinks yellow while it loads iTunes but stops flashing when iTunes is loaded & it does absolutely nothing when I press play on it — it plays the songs I have on my music library, but not on my iShuffle — I even tried uninstalling iTunes then re-installing iTunes & it didn’t work. I’m getting fed up here. I hope IF I ever do get the new 4GB iShuffle this problem wont happen.
sorry to post a non-baseball problem but it’s really bugging the heck outta me IDK what to do, I’ve already asked apple support on their forums about the problem & there’s been no answer from them & I’d rather not be *censored* around playing phone tag with their IT department my mom already had to pay the 2-months-behind-phone bill cuzz I didn’t have the money to last week when it was my week to pay for it, now I hope to god I’ll have the money next week to pay the next bill which is due soon. I’ll stop yaping about it because it’s depressing me & I’ve already had enough of that **** during the off season so I shall leave ya’ll with my piece of heaven, which is located on the corner of 20th & Blake in LoDo……