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New Year, New Look Rockies

This year’s going to be a different year for the Rockies w/o Matt Holliday, Brian Fuentes, & Willy Taveras I just hope this year’ll be better then last year, last year was a god awful year part of me was wishing it was over already while the other half didn’t because last year was my 10th year as a member of Event Services. To celebrate my 10th year I got a 10yrs of service pin at staff training then on Sept 12th at the pre-game ceremony before the 7:05PM game against the Dodgers The Rockies honored me & 11 other 10yr Event Services employees, we all got our 10yr bats as well as shake hands with Dexter Fowler, nice kid too, shame I was speachless/suprised to meet him I wanted to say congrats on making the Olypmics but I didn’t. oh well.

I’m still new to this blog site so I’m wondering how do I change my pasword and add friends?