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Rockies baseball and Bon Jovi concert #5 in April!

ImageThis year marks the 20th Anniversary for the Colorado Rockies and as ironic as it is, It’s my 15th season working for the Rockies. I’m excited as ever and yes I’m going to some of the games this year…..but not when there’s T-shirt giveaways, if the shirts are gonna be XL’s then forget that, the XL shirts I have from last year are getting a bit snug on me after washing them in cold water so I’m just gonna go the games they give out the bobble heads.

ImageYep. I won’t be at the April 16th Rockies game because I’ll be at my 5th Bon Jovi concert! I’ll get as many pix as I can from the concert and post them on my facebook.


Had a blast at my first Rockies Fest

Got these last Wed

I’ve never been to a single Rockies Fest ever so I didn’t know what to expect or what to bring with me for the players to sign.

I missed You Coors Field

Toddfather & Chris Nelson signing

Rockies Q & A with the fans

Jack Corrigan

Jerry Schemmel

Tyler Colvin

Tyler (left), DJ LeMahieu (right)




Tyler, DJ, Dex, CarGo & Tulo

And here’s Me being interviewed by Drew Goodman & George Fraizer at the ROOT Sports fantasy broadcast booth

Purple Sox vs Red Sox, WS ’07 Rematch. I’M IN!

I got my ticket for Wed June 23 against them Red Sox last home stand and I’m psyched! I’m going to that game not only for the 1st of 2 player jersey t-shirts but also to see the Red Sox play in person, I only got to see 15 mins of both game 3 & 4 of the World Series back in ’07 and that wasn’t enough LOL.

I was surprised to get tickets for the Red Sox series because I figured they’d be sold out before I knew it, but the ticket teller said “They’re almost sold out. Rockpile has been sold out for quite a while.” I got my ticket for Sec L306, Row 3, Seat 10 Lower Rightfield Reserved; which is funny because I bought 2 tickets (for me only) for 2 games in July (the 7th vs Cardinals & the 10 vs Padres) & they are in the same section only in Row 4, seat 5. Funny huh?

Anywhoo I’m working almost every game in June, only took Mon the 7th, Tues the 8th & Wed the 23rd off. Same for July only taking the 7th & 10th off, I wanna get me that Coors Light Drink tumbler they’re giving out on the 7th of July and the 10th is the 2010 Team Poster AND FAN PHOTO DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t miss that!

If I had a million dollars…..

If I had a million dollars I’d:

  • donate to the ASPCA
  • pay off all my mom’s bills
  • get Rockies season tickets in the wheel chair section in pavilion in left field for my folks
  • subscribe to MLB.TV & MLB extra innings
  • buy an iPhone so I can d/l whatever MLB.TV type app I need in order to watch a Rockies game on my phone while standing at the Waze gate (next to the Coors Clubhouse) so I don’t fall asleep on the job.

I know, weird topic to start a baseball blog, I’m just bored to death and dying to watch my boys in purple play some ball, it sucks being flat broke and not having MLB.TV or the MLB extra innings package. SRLSLY COME ON APRIL 10TH I miss Coors Field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll get to see it April 3rd for my staff training and after that I won’t see Coors Field again until April 10th.

In other news: I’m sick & tired of hearing this Jay Cutler/Josh McDaniels soap opera show that’s taken over the sports news on 9News (& other local sports news in Colorado & every where else); because of this Rockies Spring training news is very rarely reported on. & I also updated Rockpile of Memories.